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(by Mark Gaudet)

In 1973, Deep Purple became my new favorite band and I got a set of drums.  That summer, Raynald Leger and I had a little jam (?).  In the fall I discovered that Deep Purple had a song called Black Night that I had yet to hear.  Imagining that song and wanting to form a band and receiving a Knight toy from my parents led to thinking up Purple Knight for a name.  Originally Bobby Vautour was to be the guitarist, but after one jame I realized it wouldn't work.  So in the summer of 1974 when Raynald and I started playing music again I instantly realized that this was real Purple Knight.  That first day we wrote and recorded several songs like Crocodile In The Swamp \ Louie At The Store \ Foot In The Shit \ Oh My God \ Pus etc.  The next day four of these songs were recorded (with Crocodile In The Swamp being renamed to Crocodile In The Pants for one especially wild version).  More songs like Purple Knight \ Drum Solo and Purple Ocean Of Hate were done and our first album "Vol. 1" was completed.  Two more albums were completed that summer (Knight Of Black Waters and Record #3) and our first of two scary show concerts held at the Black House.  Also a film document was done by my grandmother Anna.  Two more albums were completed in the autumn of 1974 (Purple Knight and Just Begun To Fight).  After the cancellation of a scheduled concert at the R.B. Arena, a "doctored" live album was completed in January 1975 (Live At The Garage Coliseum).  Unexpectedly Raynald quit Purple Knight in February.  This led to the formation of Purple Knight Mark II (April 1975 - May 1976).  In the summer of 1976 the original Purple Knight reformed for a one off recording session.  Purple Knight was dorment again, but ten years later in July 1986 reformation sessions began again and in 1989 with our first concert in 15 years, Purple Knight officially reformed.  Currently we're just
yearning to get our album out, completed in 1996 entitled "Maple St." is our main dream to be fully documented, multiplied, then released.


Raynald Leger : Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass
Mark Gaudet : Drums, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Percussive Instruments, Toys etc.


RAYNALD LEGER : Carpet Seven, Mason, Black Diamond
MARK GAUDET : Elevator (Elevator To Hell, Elevator Through Hell, Elevator Through, Brader Rough), MEN, Eric's Trip, The Robins, The Whore Moans, No Explanation, Dagda Mor, Nothing, Death Camp, 0 . 5 McMegadares, The Cocks, The Rotten Eggs, Shit, Cabin, Mason, Black Diamond, The Paul Moncton Band, The Flying Frogs, Purple Knight Mark II and more.

Stay tuned for seperate bios on all of these projects.